If things have been quiet (read: utterly silent) around here, it is because almost a year ago my own little trickster appeared and the rest of my life has been very noisy and busy (and wonderful!) as a result.  I will be back with new workshops (in the near future, I hope)!



Country of Colours


On Sunday Picara* presented Country of Colours ~ a South Africa-inspired creative workshop in Bucharest.  Together we explored:

  • multicultural exchange and dialogue across (social, cultural, geographical, linguistic) borders;

  • what it means to be the Other, and to encounter or welcome the strange(r);

  • and celebrating the differences that enrich us and the similarities that connect us.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated, and to Incubator107 for the invitation and space!

Maps of Tenderness Continued*

Maps of Tenderness (Alandala Poster)

A new Maps of Tenderness workshop will take place at Alandala Cafe in Bucharest!  In this workshop we will explore how to creatively map the intimate geographies of our lives. Through expressive arts methods and using our hands as starting points, we will trace ways to reaching others, navigating relationships and moving beyond borders.